A quick search for “Refurbished vs. Recertified” on Google brings up a lot of different articles that look quite trustworthy. However, nearly every single article has a different explanation for this argument. We don’t like to see confusion concerning this issue, so we’re clearing it up for you today.

What is Refurbished?

Apple Refurbished Packaging

We’ve said it before:

Refurbished products are devices that have been restored to full working condition, as new, after being either pre-owned or used as display models.

Refurbished products are often models that have been used in store demos, and then been fully cleaned and tested before being sold to the public. Sometimes, a product is faulty or the owner simply doesn’t want it anymore. In this case, the original manufacturer or a refurbisher will put the product through a strict testing process to ensure it meets the functional standards of a new product. When everything has been fixed, restored, and cleaned, it is sold as refurbished.

What is Recertified?

What Is Recertified

Well, ‘recertified’ is actually an outdated phrase nowadays. It originally meant that a product had been checked over and certified again, meaning that it was good to be sold. Just like a new product gets certified that is it good to be sold, a used product would get checked over and certified that it met the standards. But the phrase ‘refurbished’ became more popular, due to it’s relative ease to understand.

So then the phrase ‘recertified’ died, and ‘certified refurbished’ was born.

What is Certified Refurbished?

Apple Certified Refurbished

We talk about this a lot on our website. But what does it mean? Well, a ‘certified refurbished’ product, is one that has gone through a certified refurbishment process. For example, Apple have standardized refurbishment processes and quality measures that all refurbished products have to meet, in order to be classified as certified. This is useful because it means that whenever a product is classed as ‘certified refurbished’, you know that it will be meeting a standardized level of quality.

That’s why all of the products on RefurbMe are certified refurbished. So that our users know they are buying from refurbishers with strict refurbishment policies. Also, having such a consistent quality level allows refurbishers to provide you guys with awesome warranties – because the insurance companies understand the high quality devices.

We hope this cleared things up – please comment below if you have any questions.