Oh dear. We’re sorry to hear that. ?

It is almost a guaranteed fact of human existence that we’ll each have a phone break on us in our lifetimes. I, myself, have had 3 phones break on me in the last 3 years.

Often, the main issue when a phone breaks on us, is trying to spend as little money as possible to be back with a working phone again. ?

We thought that we would write a step-by-step plan to help you save money. The idea is that if you follow this list in order, you’ll save the most money possible. ? The earlier in the list you find a viable solution, it’s likely the less money you’ll spend on being back together with a working phone. ✅

1. Google It ?

First, you want to Google the issue you’re having. Maybe the phone is frozen on the lock screen, maybe there is a liquid leaking from the charging port, or maybe the flash isn’t working. Googling the issue can often help you find people with similar issues and what they did to fix them. You can take their advice, on continue with this list. ?

2. Take It Back To The Store ?

If there is anyone that should be able to give you the correct advice on the issue with your phone, it should be the place you bought it from. This is most likely if you bought it directly from the manufacturer. Go visit their store and they should be able to assist you in fixing the problem. For example, Apple has the Genius Bar where they troubleshoot problems with users’ devices.

Wherever you got your phone from, they should be able to give the best advice on the problem and what to do with it. However, don’t always take their advice as sometimes they won’t give you the cheapest solutions to the problem. For example, a manufacturer may say that you are best to get your broken phone screen replaced by them, but it may be cheaper to get it fixed elsewhere…

3. Claim On The Insurance ?

This is quite simple. If you had insurance, check if they cover the issue you’re having with your phone. If they do, you can claim on the insurance – this is likely to be in the form of a replacement phone, or cash. ?

If you didn’t have insurance, you better keep reading…

4. Wait For Your Upgrade ⏫

Maybe you’re in a contract with a carrier? If so, find out when you are eligible for an upgrade. Then you can determine if you are able to cope with your broken phone until that date. If you’re able to, then that is great. When you upgrade to your new phone, you can sell your broken device to a company that buys broken phones for money. If you can’t wait until your upgrade, don’t worry, there are plenty more options…

5. Repair It Yourself ??

Ok, maybe this isn’t the easiest option. But it can definitely save you a lot of money if your phone needs a repair. We recommend using a website like iFixIt to find out how to fix a specific problem.

From then on, you will have to purchase any parts you need for the fix, including specialist tools. You can then go ahead and fix it, but we must stress that, although this option can save you money, there are many risks with fixing it by yourself, such as accidentally breaking other parts of the phone. If attempted incorrectly, you can end up making the phone worse off that it was in the first place.

6. Get A Third Party To Fix It ?⛏

You can always get a third party to fix your broken phone. We define a third party as a company that offers services for repairing your model of phone, that isn’t the original manufacturer of the phone. They can be a great option because these companies will often quote significantly lower repair charges than the manufacturer would for exactly the same quality fix. We would recommend that you check out the business on a reviews website, such as Yelp, beforehand, to ensure that they are providing quality services to their customers.

7. Get The Manufacturer To Fix It ??

Of course, you can always ask the original manufacturer to repair your phone. This is especially a good option if the phone is under warranty and the break was a manufacture fault. However, you probably wouldn’t be this far down on the list if that was the case. ?

In most broken phone cases, where the phone isn’t under warranty, or the warranty doesn’t cover the repair, the manufacturer will fix the phone for you, for a high price, but you can be assured that it will be a high quality fix and usually come with a period of warranty on that part of the phone.

8. Buy A Certified Refurbished Phone ?✅

If fixing your phone isn’t an option, or if it is looking particularly expensive, you are best off looking at buying a refurbished phone. Refurbished phones start at extremely low prices, with iPhone 4s starting at around $80 and iPhone 5s at $170. Thankfully, certified refurbished electronics are of the same functional quality as new products. This means that a refurbished phone you buy, will have passed the same quality tests as a new phone, except it will be up to 60% cheaper!

9. Buy A New Phone ?

And of course, you always have the option of buying a brand new phone, straight from the manufacturer, a carrier, or a retailer. Although something tells me that you’re not too price-sensitive if you choose this very expensive option…

After all of this, I hope you will have found the best solution to be back united with a beautiful working phone! If you do go for that refurbished phone option, you can find the best selection of certified refurbished phones on our website, here.