Everybody knows that iPhones are pricey, but hugely popular, smartphone device. Unless you go through a payment plan or get a deal from a service provider, an unlocked iPhone could run you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.
It doesn’t need to be this way! Luckily, it’s quite easy to find a cheap refurbished iPhone plus online. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about purchasing a cheap iPhone 8 Plus refurbished.

1. What is a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus?

The iPhone 8 Plus is an iPhone device. It features an all-glass frame and a high-quality aluminum band. The first release of iPhone 8 Plus devices occurred in late 2017. iPhone 8 remains as a very good version of the iPhone.

A refurbished iPhone 8 Plus is an iPhone 8 Plus that has been completely restored to be like new. It comes at a significantly lower price point. Refurbished iPhones aren’t “used” phones. Rather, they are phones that meet all requirements for use after repair. That means operational, connective, and physical capabilities are up to par.

When you purchase a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus from RefurbMe, you get top-tier performance and quality. Our iPhones are properly repaired, rigorously tested, thoroughly cleaned, and properly packaged. All before they make it to the RefurbMe website. You’re not buying a used phone from us– you’re buying a refurbished like-new device for a fantastic price point.

2. What exactly does a refurbished cheap iPhone 8 Plus do?

Everything that a new iPhone 8 Plus does! The process of refurbishing an iPhone involves a number of things. It involves making the device operate and look exactly like a new device would. The hardware and software within the device go through tests. This occurs after troubleshooting and restoring, resulting in a fully functional iPhone at a much lower cost.

It’s worth noting than new and refurbished iPhones aren’t exactly the same. There are some differences that span beyond price points. Refurbished iPhones are usually contract-free, cheaper, and are older models. You won’t find a refurbished version of a brand new series of iPhone on release day– but that’s more or less the point. Consumers want older and cheaper versions of the iPhone because they are inexpensive. However, nobody wants a used phone that is risky. This is why consumers are jumping on the refurbished bandwagon more and more each day.

3. What makes a refurbished Apple product different from a used product?

A used product is just that– a used device that was in use for any amount of time. Refurbished products are significantly different from used products. Such products may have started out as lightly used devices, usually from a consumer or as a display model. However, they are not a used product by the end of the refurbishing process. Refurbished devices are heavily repaired, tested, and verified to function properly without defects. Used items, on the other hand, could have defects.

Refurbished devices typically come with a warranty, while used devices do not usually come with any kind of protection.

4. Are refurbished cheap iPhone 8 Plus devices safe to use?

Yes! All previous data on your iPhone 8 Plus refurbished smartphone is thoroughly wiped. You won’t run into someone else’s data whatsoever.

We can also see “safety” as environmental safety. Cheap refurbished iPhone 8 Plus devices can make a huge difference when it comes to e-waste. New iPhones require a lot of energy and material to create. Purchasing a new device is significantly less desirable for our planet. Purchasing a refurbished item, on the other hand, reduces our carbon footprint. Plus, the process of refurbishing takes significantly less energy and material to do.

5. Where can one buy refurbished Apple products?

The cost depends on the type of iPhone 8 Plus you choose and capacity. You may be able to save around a hundred dollars or so buying the product refurbished from Apple.

RefurbMe carries a wide range of iPhone devices that we have refurbished to perfection, including the iPhone 8 Plus! Our refurbished iPhone 8 products go through full hardware diagnostic testing to ensure that you’re getting a device that is almost as good as new. We also inspect all of our refurbished Apple products for cosmetic damage and rate them accordingly by Good, Excellent, and Fair. There won’t be any surprises when you purchase an iPhone 8 Plus from RefurbMe. Plus, we thoroughly clean all of the components of your new device with electronic and eco-friendly products.

6. What kind of warranties does a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus come with?

This depends on where you buy your iPhone 8 Plus refurbished device. It also depends on what kind of condition the device is actually in. It’s very important to be mindful of your device’s condition. Double-check that the item you are buying is a refurbished model or used model. The type of warranties you’ll get are extremely different. In a majority of cases, a used product won’t even have a warranty available.

RefurbMe offers a number of unique warranties for our refurbished products. These range from several months of coverage up to a year. Make sure to read about the warranties that come with your refurbished device. This is to make sure it matches your price point and desired level of security.  Though rare, a component may fail after you’ve purchased an iPhone 8 from RefurbMe. In that case, we’ll immediately take care of replacing it.

Ready to dive into some hot refurbished iPhone 8 Plus devices? Head over to RefurbMe and see what we have available!