I’ve been reading articles lately talking about the death of wearable technology. The Apple Watch isn’t performing as strong as it once was and Fitbit’s stock has been declining for the past couple years.

Despite this, I’m seeing people with Apple Watches more and more, and Fitbit just acquired smartwatch maker Pebble. This is a good sign that the smartwatch industry is not dying anytime soon.

But the question is, are smartwatches actually useful? For a while, I thought they were just gimmicky and trendy, but I decided to interview a couple friends of mine and see if I should consider getting one. So, let’s see if it’s worth shelling out $150 to $400, or more for a phone on your wrist.

Ok, so it’s not really phone on your wrist; the interviewees all agreed that smartwatches weren’t phones. But they agreed that they were “extensions of them.” Think of the watches as remotes for a TV. You don’t necessarily need a remote to get up and change the channels or adjust the volume, but it’s hell of a lot more convenient to use the remote. Everyone also agreed that you should only get a smartwatch if you’re a busy body.

“I feel like if you are going to buy this watch, you have be in an office type of environment or someone who gets calls or text messages. I got my sister one and she uses it more than me. Her life revolves around it. That’s because she has school, works as an assistant vet tech and really has no time and she loves it.”

One friend said that she liked it because, “I get all my news on there, any notifications for my social media, text messages. And I’m not huge into working out so the fact it tracks my steps motivates me to keep on moving and reach my next goal.”

The idea is pretty much if you good reason to be checking your phone constantly, this could help you quickly check your notifications and respond quickly to people, especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t or can’t pull out your phone. Say you’re in a meeting or doing something that does require your full attention; you don’t have to have to worry about constantly pulling your phone out just to check if you got notification or not. One friend talked about how she had to put her phone on silent for a test, but was able to get a text about a family emergency to her phone.

But that’s not always the case. “I have an Apple Watch and I bought it because I thought it would help me with everyday life since I work as a security guard and I’m always moving around, but to be honest my work died down and I stopped using it as much now. I only use it when I go too the gym or the weekends at work when I’m busy.”

Overall, we think that the Apple Watch is a nice accessory that certainly improves your daily experience with technology. However, it may be hard to justify the price if you are looking for a return on investment. But there are always the cheaper refurbished options